Renae Metaxas

Just another Illustrator, Designer and Red Panda Fanatic

Apart from being a self-diagnosed red panda fanatic who has an unhealthy obsession with trains and red pandas riding trains, I’m also passionate about colour.

It’s my goal to encourage all creatives to embrace colour wholeheartedly. Both novices and professionals alike wrestle with the concept of colour. Their artwork often looks flat as a result, and nothing like how they imagined.

I’m offering my Colouring Basics 101 unit with one-on-one support on Patreon. The Learn Colouring: Basics unit will set you on the path to improving your colour usage.

Additional bonuses include exclusive Patreon only access to my sketchbook and upcoming artwork previews. Early access to my original Pandaren comic and one PandaRen-styled artwork request per month.

You’ll find me lurking on Tumblr, and in person around the Australian Supanova and Oz Comic Con Artist Alley’s selling my artwork.

Learn about the Wonderful World of Colour

Improve your Colouring Skills

Improve your Colouring Skills

Find your colouring style and learn techniques to adapt it accordingly.

Grow Your Audience

Grow your Audience

Learn how to increase your exposure and build a following for your work, as well as attracting the customers that will pay for your work.

Do What you Love

Earn a Living Doing What you Love

Learn how to price your artwork for conventions and commissions.

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