Chat Blanc

Chat Blanc Artwork of Chat Noir Akumatized from Miraculous Ladybug

“Little kitty on a roof, all alone without his lady.”

Chat Blanc (AKA: Chat Noir). Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Chat Noir. Season 3.

What initially started out as a quick pose speed-painting (I’m trying to force myself to draw males) turned into a Chat Noir artwork.

Watched the Chat Blanc episode a few days ago and it was surprisingly not as bad as I thought! My bar was set pretty low after all the whiplash this show has given me and don’t get me started on everyone’s characterisations Feat. NiceGuy! Adrien Agreste 

Loved Chat Blanc’s look, which I was itching to draw! So here’s some Chat Blanc Fan Art for you all. =^.^=

Chat Blanc Artwork Thumbnail

When illustrating my Chat Blanc Fan Art, I started by creating a monochromatic version of this image which I later added colour with a technique known as .

This is something I cover in my Learn Colouring Course, which will help you find a colouring process you are the most comfortable with.