Essential Art Supplies

Essential Art Supplies you can’t do without!

Have you ever wondered what tools I use to create my artwork? Guess no more! Here’s an essential art supplies list ranging from sketchbooks to copic markers and coloured pencils that are my absolute favourites to use (along with convenient links of where to find them).

I’ll be constantly adding and revising this list as I go, so feel free to check back in to see any new additions. Contact me for more information if I haven’t listed a medium I use that you want to know more about. Happy reading!


I tend to buy Moleskin Set of 3 Plain Cahier Journals (Kraft Covers). I feel like they are the the most bang for your buck and super easily to take with you on the go.

However I must stress that I use these FOR SKETCHING ONLY (i.e.: no watercolour, inking, etc) as the paper in these books are far too thin for that!

TIP: Use a bit of hairspray on your completed drawings to make sure your pencil/charcoal sketches don’t smudge. Spray lightly to avoid soaking the paper and destroying your work!


I’ve found Prismacolor Premier Coloured Soft Core Pencils (72 Pack) the most comfortable and easy to blend.


I know I have this under my Essential Art Supplies List, but it *kind of* fits? I use Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter for all my illustrative painterly work. For vector (chibi) artwork I use Adobe Illustrator.

I know what you really want – my basic digital colour palette! Obviously this would change constantly depending upon the mood (colour theme) of the drawing. Here’s the base colours I tend to use the most: *COMING SOON*


For those of you that are either:

A) Allergic/react to strong chemical such as Turpentine
B) Can’t stand the smell of Turpentine
C) All of the above

I’m happy to announce that there are WATER BASED oil colours that you can use (Yay!) that for the most part, don’t smell. These are definitely essential art supplies that I love to use!


Copic Markers

Essential Art Supplies that I just can’t live without are my copic markers. Before this I used oil paints and photoshop (digital illustration). Copic markers are ridiculously easy to use and fantastic products to Learn How To Colour.

Anime Skin

Mini Ren in Faerie Land Artwork Thumbnail

I use these colours for my Min-Ren Drawings (see above drawing). I rarely ever change the skin colour markers for my Mini-Ren artwork.

E0000: Floral White

Base Colour

E00: Cotton Pearl


E02: Fruit Pink

Medium Blending

E11: Barley Beige


E33: Sand

Minor Shadows

R20: Blush

Cheeks & Mouth

Realistic Coloured Skin

It’s hard to pinpoint exact colours for rendering realistic skin. However, for illustrations such as my Daenaerys artwork (see above) which are lit in a brightly cast day, I tend to use the following markers:

E50: Egg Shell


E0000: Floral White


R0000: Pink Beryl


R00: Pinkish White

Blush & around Eyes

RV00: Water Lily

Blush & Lips

R11: Pale Cherry Pink


RV14: Begonia Pink


BG0000: Snow Green

Shadow/Lower Face

BG000: Pale Aqua

Shadow/Lower Face

E33: Sand

Darker Skin Areas (i.e.: Eyelid Creases)

E15: Dark Suntan

Around Eyes

W1: Warm Grey No.1

Light Shadow

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