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Hi! My name’s Renae. I’m an illustrator and graphic designer from Australia with seven years of experience in the Perth illustration field.

I’m a self diagnosed red panda and Game of Thrones (aSoIaF) fanatic who has an unhealthy obsession with trains and red pandas riding trains.

My love of drawing and designing characters was inspired at a young age by my 90’s childhood upbringing. This was due to being surrounded by Disney Renaissance animations and anime such as Sailor Moon. The Legend of Zelda, Pokemon and Final Fantasy series also fuelled my imagination.

You’ll find me lurking around the Artist Alley’s of Perth Supanova and Oz Comic Con selling my artwork. My goal is to involve myself in the Perth illustration community and publish an art book of my work.


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Illustration Resources

For the longest time i’ve wanted to create a home-base (of sorts) where I could share the illustration skills I’ve learnt over the years to all of my followers. Finally I can present my blog which has free articles to help you get started on your illustration journey. Want more? check out my illustration courses that cover from concept creation to everything in between!

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