Sailor Mercury Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Artwork by Colour Me Ren

Draw This Again! Sailor Mercury

“A future is something that you make yourself. You have to believe in it.”

Ami Mizuno, Sailor Mercury.

A redraw of an old 2015 Sailor Mercury fan art. This drawing has been sitting on my iPad in my ProCreate app for about a year, itching to be completed 😀

This is a redraw of one of my artworks from MANY, MANY years ago 😂 It’s been sitting on my iPad for ages, until my New Years resolution to not leave projects unfinished finally kicked into gear. Better late than never! 😅 Will post the comparison of OLD vs NEW artwork soon. 💙

While Sailor Mercury wasn’t my favourite Sailor Senshi (that title will always be held by Sailor Venus❤️), her character design was beautiful!

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